Policies and Procedures    

We have important policies in place to ensure the well-being of our staff and students and the smooth operation of our studio. Please read this page carefully before enrolling your child at Amber's Piano Studio Pty Ltd.

Your enrolment signifies acceptance of these policies and procedures.



Lessons are taught during ACT public school teaching weeks, unless otherwise stated. The total number of lessons per term is non-negotiable and is determined by Amber’s Piano Studio Pty Ltd.



Tuition fees are paid in advance by the term. Invoices will be sent to your nominated email address. Please ensure we have your current email address on file. Invoice due dates must be adhered to and late payments will attract a fee of $15 and an additional fee of $10 per week thereafter until paid. We accept both credit card and BPay payments. Please note that credit card payments attract a 1.8% surcharge.



You/your child are responsible for punctual, regular attendance. No refunds will be given for missed lessons under any circumstances. However, any lessons cancelled by your teacher will be rescheduled or credited.

In-school lessons - Reasonable efforts will be made to collect younger students in grades K-2 from their classroom for their lesson. If a K-2 student is not in their classroom as expected, and cannot be found by the tutor, the lesson will be forfeited. Parents are responsible for informing the tutor of any scheduling conflicts with school activities. Students in grades 3 and above will not be collected and must be responsible for getting themselves to their lesson on time. We highly recommend a digital watch alarm to assist with this.

Missed lessons – Your lesson time is set aside especially for you and as such, catch-up lessons are not able to be provided if you do not attend. However, if you provide a minimum of 24 hours notice of an absence, you are welcome to use your lesson time in one of the following ways:

  • A Skype or FaceTime video lesson
  • To request new lesson assignments to be sent to you via email
  • To request a discussion or written report regarding your/your child’s progress and goals 

If it is not possible to provide 24 hours notice, please inform us of any absences with as much notice as possible, as a matter of courtesy.

Illness – Please do not attend your lesson if you are sick. Online lessons via Skype/FaceTime  are offered for these instances. Online lessons take place at the same time as your regular lesson. These lessons will be 5 minutes shorter, to allow for set-up time. Requests for online lessons must be made at least 2 hours in advance via text message.

If a tutor is sick, one of our other tutors will substitute. If no substitute can be found, your lesson will be cancelled and a credit issued against your next invoice.

Parent Attendance – We warmly welcome and encourage all parents to observe their child's piano lessons. However, it is not mandatory that you attend the lesson unless your child is 4 years of age or younger.

Special circumstances for in-school lessons – If a whole-school, all-day event (i.e. sports carnival, swim carnival, or cross country) falls on piano lesson day, lessons will be swapped to a different day, depending on room availability. School administrators do not inform us of these events so for your child to qualify for a rescheduled lesson, you must provide us with advanced notice of the event.



All students are required to spend time playing the piano for at least 5 days a week. The amount of time spent on practice each day will be agreed upon with your teacher and will change depending on age and ability level. Parents must supervise children as much as possible. Consistent failure to practice is grounds for termination of lessons.

Students are expected to have a good quality, full-size piano to practice on at home. Acoustic pianos are preferred but, at a minimum, all students must have a full-size digital piano (88-keys) with weighted keys and fixed pedals.



Music books and materials will be provided to students as needed. These additional costs will be added to your invoice. All materials must be brought to every lesson. Lost or damaged materials will incur a replacement fee.



30 days’ notice prior to the commencement of a new term is required in writing if you wish to cease or take time-off from lessons. There will be no refunds for lessons already paid for. You will be required to make a payment equaling 4 lessons if 30-day’s notice is not given. Students have the option to attend these 4 lessons.


If you wish to take a break from piano lessons for one term, but wish to retain your place, you can elect to pay a holding fee equivalent to 50% of that term’s fees (based on the number of lessons that would ordinarily be taught during that term). Ceasing lessons without paying the 50% retaining fee will result in the loss of your place.



Students may lose their lesson slot for any of the following reasons: repeated failure to attend lessons; repeated failure to practice; repeated failure to bring materials; repeated failure to follow teacher’s instructions and requirements; disruptive or uncooperative behaviour; non-payment or consistent late payment of tuition/book fees; and, purposely paying less than the stated amount of an invoice without prior communication with Amber's Piano Studio Pty Ltd. If a student’s place is terminated for any of these reasons, you are not entitled to a refund of any tuition fees paid and must pay any unpaid tuition fees.


ARRIVAL -  Please be punctual for your lesson and wait quietly to be invited in by your teacher. Ensure you have clean hands. Do not knock as it disturbs the lesson in progress.

BEHAVIOUR - All attendees, parents and students, are expected to behave in a respectful, courteous and cooperative manner during their lessons. Please switch phones to silent and don't bring food or chewing gum with you.

PERFORMANCES - Exciting opportunities will be provided for you to perform for friends and family on several occasions throughout the year. These include twice yearly studio concerts, as well as at other invitation-only events, such as ACT Keyboard Association concerts, competitions, and other special studio performances. Note that there may be a request for donations or entry fees into these events.

PHOTOS - Photos are occasionally taken of students at performances and during lessons to recognise the completion special achievements. Unless you advise otherwise in writing via email, by enrolling your child you give us permission, and persons commissioned by us to take such photos. Photos may be used in studio newsletters, websites, and social media. Student names are never used alongside photos.